Introducing Sakher El Materi

Businessman, Muhammad Sakher El Materi was the head of a holding company participating in industry sectors including: finance, automotive, tourism, real estate, media, agriculture and telecoms. His businesses included the innovative to the very efficient: he founded Zitouna the first Islamic bank in Tunisia and he modernised the car dealership Ennakl, a leader in the Tunisian market quoted, uniquely, on both the Tunisian and Moroccan stock exchange. Regardless of his successes in business Sakher El Materi spent significant time doing philanthropic work. His creation of the association "Zitouna: well-being for all" is one of many charitable organizations he ran or participated in. 

Descendant from a Tunisian family, Muhammad Sakher El Materi is the nephew of Dr. Mahmoud El Materi, who in 1927 was one of the first Muslim graduates from the Faculty of Medicine of Paris. Dr. El Materi was also a major figure in the struggle for the Tunisian independence and the founder of Neo Destour. Sakher El Materi’s father, Moncef El Materi, left a successful military career to join his brother Tahar in creating the company El ADWYA. Founded in 1973, it is now the largest private pharmaceutical company in Tunisia. Moncef El Materi has since founded many other companies.